387th Bhadrachala Ramadasu Jayanthi Live Streaming at Bhadrachalam.

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387th Uthsavam: From 29.01.2020 To 02.02.2020. All are invited.

387th Bhadrachala Ramadasu Jayanthi at Bhadrachalam, Bhadrachalam Dist.

Bhadrachalam is our home. Carnatic music is our passion. For Thirteen years, we have celebrated our Bhadrachala Ramadasu, and the Vaggeyakaras of Carnatic Music and shared with you, the genius and joys of Carnatic Music. For the 14th successive year, we invite you to the 387th bhadrachala Ramadasu jayanthi prayuktha vaggeyakara Uthsavamulu (29-Jan-2020 to 02-Feb-2020) at Bhadrachalam Uthsavam to celebrate with us, our most cherished heritage.


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