punarvasu ramadasu jayanthi

punarvasu Ramadasu Jayanthi

Around the year 1832 another Rama bhakta Toomu Narsimha Dasu and his friend Varada Ramadasu, both have continued and established regular sevas, uthsavas and festival celebrations and standardised the same by giving the hukums (guidelines) as to how each celebration has to be conducted which is being followed even today by the temple authorities.

One of the important festivals is conducted on the day of birth star of Sri SeethaRamachandra Swamy i.e, on every Punarvasu when the nakshatra has incarnated in the form of human being, born to Dasaratha and Kousalya.

Punarvasu being the birth star of Sri Seetha Ramachandra Swamy… (Read More), every month on the day of Punarvasu apart from the regular sevas(Melukolupu, Abhishekam, Kalyanam and others) the deities are taken to Punarvasu Mandapam on the banks of Godavari river for carrying out sevas like Veda, Bhajans and Swasthi. This Punarvasu appears once in 27 days and as such in a year, there will be about 13 Punarvasu poojas being conducted in the temple. The HUKUM of 1832 under item 13 contains a direction that 10 days PAGAL PATTU Utsavams are to be conducted in Punarvasu Mandapam at the bank of Godavari river. So much importance was given to Punarvasu pooja by Toomu Narsimhadasu.

On the occasion of Punarvasu pooja, Alivelu Manga Sarvaiah Charitable Trust conducts devotional music programmes wherein devotees with musical background are given an opportunity to sing classical songs composed by Ramadasu, Thyagaraja, Annamayya and other Vaggeyakaras. To facilitate the participation in the above festival, the trust has arranged free accommodation and food and also provides accompaniments like Mrudangam and Violin so that the programme is carried out in a serene atmosphere in the service of Lord Sri Seetha Rama Chandra Swamy.

There will be two intervals (One and a half hour each) available at the disposal of the trust to organise the above programmes
(1) Morning between 7-30 to 9-00 A.M. after Abhishekham and
(2) Evening between 3-00 to 5-30 P.M.

Artists and traditional bhajan groups participating in the above festival are honoured with special Darshanam by temple authorities and distribution of prasadam by the Trust. It is well known that on Punarvasu falling in the first month of Telugu new year in the Vasantha Ruthuvu Chaitra Shuddha Navami Sri Seetha Ramachandra Swamy Kalyanam is celebrated throughout the Country and Abroad.

Punarvasu 2018 Calender

Punarvasu Nakshatra 2018 dates and time based on traditional Hindu calendar, Astrology and Panchangam. Punarvasu Birth Star also known as Punarpoosam in South India, is the seventh Nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras. Below are Punarvasu Nakshatra dates in 2018. The astrological prediction of Punarvasu Nakshatra as per Moon Sign is that of Mithuna Raasi and Kataka Rashi. As per Hindu astrology birth star Punarvasu Nakshatra, falls under Mithuna Raasi or Gemini Zodiac and also Kataka Rasi or Cancer Zodiac. The first ¾ part of Punarvasu is in Mithuna Rashi and the last quarter is in Kataka Rashi. Mercury or Budha is the Lord of the birth star of the first three quarters. Chandra or moon is the Lord of the last quarter. The lucky color of Ardra is grey or lead.

January 3, 2018, Wednesday
Time is from 1:11 PM on January 2 to 11:32 AM on January 3, 2018

January 30, 2018, Tuesday
Time is from 9:16 PM on January 29 to 7:35 PM on January 30, 2018

February 26, 2018, Monday
Time is from 5:21 AM on February 26 to 3:40 AM on February 27, 2018

March 26, 2018, Monday
Time is from 1:28 PM on March 25 to 11:47 AM on March 26, 2018

April 22, 2018, Sunday
Time is from 9:38 PM on April 21 to 7:57 PM on April 22, 2018

May 19, 2018, Saturday
Time is from 5:51 AM on May 19 to 4:11 AM on May 20, 2018

June 16, 2018, Saturday
Time is from 2:07 PM on June 15 to 12:26 PM on June 16, 2018

July 13, 2018, Friday
Time is from 10:22 PM on July 12 to 8:44 PM on July 13, 2018

August 9, 2018, Thursday
Time is from 6:40 AM on August 9 to 5:01 AM on August 10, 2018

September 6, 2018, Thursday
Time is from 2:50 PM on September 5 to 1:14 PM on September 6, 2018

October 3, 2018, Wednesday
Time is from 10:58 PM on October 2 to 9:23 PM on October 3, 2018

October 30, 2018, Tuesday
Time is from 7:09 AM on Oct 30 to 5:35 AM on October 31, 2018

November 27, Tuesday
Time is from 3:11 PM on November 26 to 1:41 PM on November 27, 2018

December 24, 2018, Monday
Time is from 11:09 PM on December 23 to 9:11 PM on December 24, 2018.